1986 Bayliner 4550 delivery pdx to Vancouver, Canada

Brought this nice Bayliner up the coast from Portland, OR to Vancouver, Canada.

Spent a month working on it on the Columbia River. Doing sea trials, installing a new auto pilot, and preparing for the delivery.

We had a brief hiccup when the auto pilot pump failed, but the second attempt at getting her up the coast was a good effort.

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Bill Gardner 60 from tacoma to sydney, canada

Brought this nice power yacht from a boat house in Tacoma to Sydney, Canada.

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Launching of the shock 40

The owner contacted me about getting his shock 40 in the water, rebuilt hydraulics had to be installed, after rudder had to be installed, rudders had to be hooked up, boat needed to be launched, and putting the rig up.

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Tayana 64 hawaii to seattle

This was the first attempt at trying to get the Tayana 64 Shalimar from hawaii to seattle.

The boat was riddled with mechanical issues, like the main alternator, generator, water maker, fridge, and auto pilot.

Also there were many legal issues that prevented us from departure.

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