Silverton 35 florence to rocky pointe

2003 Silverton 35

Came with the owner and helped him get his power boat up to rocky pointe for haul out and repairs.

We had mostly good weather with a stop in ilwaco for a fill up.

We had issues with the auto pilot and because I could not power up my laptop we had to use my phone for navigation.

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Beneteau 33 port angeles to pdx

Beneteau 33

Brought this Beneteau 33 from Port Angeles down to Portland, OR.

We had issues with the batteries and had to do a filter change which involved in getting the engine re bled.

Had to be towed by the USCG into neah bay and also into ilwaco due to the issues stated above.

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S2 from winchester bay to anacortes

S2 11.0A

Brought the S2 that I had delivered down the coast a few years ago up to anacortes.

Besides weather we also had issues with dirty tank that kept pluggin filters.

The new owners joined us for the trip from Port Angeles over to anacortes.  They had the chance to personally experience doing the filter change that was a messy operation.

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Ocean Alexander 40 Des Moines to San Diego

High Life at Morro Bay

High Life is an Ocean Alexander 40 that has been restored with cummins motors, generator, new electronics, and super nice whaler.

She is a pleasure to pilot, and stay on.  We picked her up in Des Moines, and steamed her down the coast to San Diego to the pier 32 marina in national city.

Great run down the coast, and looking forward to spending more time on this beautiful power yacht.  She turns heads where ever she goes.

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