Norseman 447 San Diego to Port Angeles

1984 Norseman 447

Helped bring this beautiful Bob Perry designed norseman 447 from San Diego to Port Angeles.  Owner joined us in this quick 9 day trip up the coast. 

We where able to sail a little bit, but weather was pretty calm most of the way.  We must have saw over 100 whales as we made our way up the cost.

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  1. Rich Jones says:

    This was a wonderful delivery in many ways. The crew was great, both as individuals and as a team. I’m sure the owner of the boat really benefited from the collection of sailing experience on board to go along with the in-depth knowledge he already had of the boat in general and its systems in particular.

    The route was perfect, helped a bunch by the terrific weather we experienced. The planned stops were just right. Even with three ports of call (Santa Cruz, Brookings and Astoria) we made great time motorsailing. And talk about timing…we hit the Strait of Juan De Fuca just as the flood current reached the entrance and we rode it all the way to Port Angeles, wind on our port quarter, waves on our stearn, spinnaker up and doing double-digit speed over ground for a lot of miles.

    Highlights included whales up the kazoo, sunfish doing their screwy thing, a few visits from dolphins, bonking a crab pot and a bit of a thrill when the prop decided to wave good-bye to its old home by feathering on its own causing more than a little hiccup in our boat speed.

    Yep, great trip! Thanks, Ray, for letting me be a member of the crew and thanks Derek for bringing a wonderful Bob Perry-designed boat to the Pacific Northwest.

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