2007 Gorge Blow Out

2007 Gorge Blow Out

With over 40 years of sailing, power boating, and fishing experience it was a natural fit for me to start this organization and provide these services.

In starting http://www.go-sail.org/ there was a definitive need to acquire my USCG captains license so that I can take individuals out on the water. 

The whole point of becoming a captain and starting http://go-sail.org/ and http://coastguardcaptain.com/ is to share my experiences, learning’s, and passion with others.

Safety is always the number one priority, and secondly is treating vessels like they are my own.  My mechanical engineering degree with 35 years of engineering experience, and 40 years of marine experience can help me solve almost any situation out on the water or in a port.

I frequently race small and large sailboats, and some of the nicknames given to me often is MacGyver and or the Bear Grylls of sailing.  The reason is that I have the ability and foresight to address issues on the fly.  Usually involving a short term and a long term fix.

When you involve me in things you need to have done, you are bringing on board some one who can help solve problems and you learn things about the marine environment.