There are four words on my logo that emphasize me as a Delivery captain.

  • Safety – The number one priority is safety of the crew, and the vessel.
  • Honesty Creating an honest relationship with owners and organizations is critical part of the yacht delivery business.  There has to be a clear understanding of exceptions and a building and maintaining of trust that must be in place for an effective delivery to occur.
  • Integrity – Being a coast guard licensed captain brings about the expectation of a certain level of integrity.  Personally I feel that one must go above and beyond this level to bring a broad range of integrity.
  • Efficiency – Everything is a resource when out in the open water including time, fuel, water, food, & of course money.  I consider your resources like they are my own; always striving to maintain the highest level of efficiency.  This means you get the most efficient delivery possible, minimizing your costs.
1941 54' wood trawler

1941 54′ wood trawler

Whether its just a trip up the Columbia river or a delivery across the globe.  Nothing to far or to short for the services I can provide.

Are you a new owner?  I can integrate with an owner for a enhanced training session during a delivery.

Being a Mechanical Engineer with familiarity of on-board systems; diesels, pumps, refrigeration, electrical, instruments, hydraulics, pneumatics, and rigging.  I can resolve issues during deliveries.  Quick assessments can be made and most of the time short and long term solutions can be put in place.

My management skills are keen, which means I can plan everything for the delivery from safety to provisioning, and other aspects of the delivery.

adjustable uprights

adjustable uprights

Also we provide deliveries on land for sailboats.  This 3 axle configurable sailboat trailer can haul upwards of 12,000 lbs of sailboat, with safety systems including break away e-brake, and electric brakes on all three axles.

We can provide the de-commissioning and re-commissioning service that will ensure the safety and configuration of your vessel.

3 6k axles

3 6k lb axles

Printable flyer for the trailer