Since my junior sailing days at Kaneohe Yacht Club in the 1980’s I have been immersed in sailing education.  It has been one of the aspects of the marine environment that I have enjoyed most.  Let me show you how passionate I can be, giving you a kind, fun, environment to learn sailing and power boating skills.


From putting the sails up and down to trimming, boat handling, and advanced topics.  Let me show you the finer points of one of the most traditional methods of moving vessels across the oceans.


Sail or power I can train you on how to motor your vessel.  This would also include advanced topics like fuel consumption, maintenance, and modifications that one should consider.

Rules of the Road

Let me show you how to be safe on the water.  Can instruct you on who has right of way in numerous situations of boat meetings on inland and out on the ocean.


From dead reckoning to log books, to instruments and their use.  Let me give you training on one of the fundamental aspects of passage making.


From which anchor to use to advanced anchoring topics.  Covering things like multiple anchors, rafting, and anchor with shore ties.

Moorage in and outs

Learn how to negotiate your boat in close quarters situations.  This includes parking in different types of scenarios and gaining that sense of how to keep you and your boat out of trouble.  Be the shining star in your moorage.

Cruising & Passage Making

From preparation, to safety, and shore plans.  Let me show you how to develop your cruising and passage making plans.  This can include upgrades that you would need for your boat.

At go-sail.org we are developing keel boat sailing school.

At Vancouver Lake Sailing Club we offer sailing classes in small dinghy sailboats.