Ocean Alexander 40 Des Moines to San Diego

High Life at Morro Bay

High Life is an Ocean Alexander 40 that has been restored with cummins motors, generator, new electronics, and super nice whaler.

She is a pleasure to pilot, and stay on.  We picked her up in Des Moines, and steamed her down the coast to San Diego to the pier 32 marina in national city.

Great run down the coast, and looking forward to spending more time on this beautiful power yacht.  She turns heads where ever she goes.

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Bob Perry Rendevouz

Concorde 41

My son and I took the Concorde 41 from bainbridge to Port Ludlow and back for the annual bob perry rendevouz.

I did a presentation on my delivery business and passagemaking.

Great weekend with open camp fire and dutch oven cooking.

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Morris 45 Lahaina to Seattle

Morris 45

This beautiful Morris 45 did the vic maui race.  A crew and myself met the boat in lahaina were we sailed it down wind 100 miles to waikiki.

Rest of the crew met us a waikiki, were we swapped sails, installed dodger, filled propane, provisioned, and filled up fuel.

It took us 16 days to get to elliott bay in seattle.  We started with 80 gallons of fuel and had 2 gallons when we rolled into port angeles.  Issues during the crossing included broken jib furler, broken boom, broken halyards and sheets. grain bag on the prop, and water in the starboard fuel tank.

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Endurance 35 Vancouver, BC to Blaine, WA

Endurance 35

The owner of this boat had been found deceased on a beach in Vancouver, BC.  Was contacted by the estate representative to move it from Vancouver, BC to Oak Harbor, WA.

Crew and I flew up and marina manager got us into the boat.  It was filthy, and loaded with garbage.  It had been freshly re-powered with a yanmar that was quite small for the size of the vessel.  We got some provisions, and fueled up the boat.  It took all day to go 17 miles to point roberts to clear customs in the states.  We left it at the blaine marina due to the extended amount of time that it would have taken it to get it to Oak Harbor.

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