pacer 42 delivery hawaii to LA

pacer 42

Delivered this pacer 42 from Hawaii to LA.

We sailed 2400 miles and consumed 72 gallons of fuel with charging batteries and making water.

Caught lots of fish, and never had to dawn the foulies.

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bow weldment for elan

bow weldment design

Designed up this bow weldment out of stainless.  This gets the tack point about 2 feet in front of the headstay for the new north sails top down furling gennaker, and code 0.

Getting it fabricated in pdx and will probably take a trip up to vancouver, canada for  test fit and install.

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work on elan

Elan, Radford 46

We headed up to Vancouver, Canada to take the boat over to silva bay gabriola island, Canada.

We verifying the boom roller furling for the owner, and also getting measurement and pictures for the design of the bow weldment.

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install outriggers on Tiara 4300

outriggers on the tiara 4300

Headed down to garabaldi to work on installing new outriggers on the Tiara 4300.

With a lack of instructions, I was able to improvise and install and rig the outriggers.

She is officially know a tuna fishing machine.

Look forward to moving and fishing on her.

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