Deliver Tiara 4300 anacortes to garabaldi

Tiara 4300

Brought this nice Tiara 4300 from anacortes to garabladi. 

Its going to be a tuna machine when we get all fixed.

Cool boat and I look forward to moving back to portland this fall.

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Macgregor out for sail

wing on wing

Finally got all the sails and rigging on the Macgregor 65.

We took her out for an evening sail, to test everything.

Even though she is 40 years old and needs some TLC, she still glides through the water like a sled.

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work on radford 46

Elan, Radford 46

Took Elan from vancouver, Canada to Anacortes, WA.

There we checked her into the states and worked on several things on the boat including the recalled part on the boom furler.

She is getting in shape for the trip down the coast.

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Oceanis 55 san franicsco to seattle

2016 oceanis 55

Brought this oceanis 55 from richmond, CA up to elliott bay, WA.

Weather was not great and we had to beat the whole way, but the boat took it fairly well with a reefed main and engine running.

The engine died outside of astoria, and we had to sail into the fuel dock at the west end basin.

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