5 gallon bucket

5 gallon bucket

There are many reasons that one should have a 5 gallon bucket on a boat.  It has so many uses already recognized, and I am sure that as time goes on we find more and more reasons for the bucket with a painter. 

It amazes me when people ask why a bucket on a boat.  It warranted that I put this post together so that I can share the concept of why the bucket is so important on a vessel.

  Here are just a few of the reasons ….

  1. Bailing
  2. sea sickness catch basin
  3. ice and beer
  4. storage, even liquids when used with the sealing lid
  5. tools and equipment, like when going up the mast
  6. step stool
  7. backup head
  8. swabbing the deck
  9. can be used in the water, to slow a boat or to keep a boat on anchor in current
  10. place to put my coastguardcaptain.com stickers
  11. place to put caught fish and crab
  12. garbage can
  13. washing machine for clothes on board
  14. washing dishes out on deck
  15. dipping in the water for a quick wash down on deck
  16. emergency steering, when used with spinnaker pole and couple lines

More will be added as time goes on …..

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Beta tester for Columbia Sportswear

I have been selected as a beta tester for Columbia Sports wear.  This came about from meeting the VP of worldwide innovation when down at Riverplace one day. 

When sailboat racing and during deliveries, and while fishing I will be testing some of their products.

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Oregon Offshore on Rage

Astoria sunset

It started on Tuesday May 9th around 7 am when I boarded one of my favorite boats that I have now of. 

From 2009 to 2011 I did three offshores on Rage the Wylie 70 built by Steve Rander at Schooner Creek Boat Works.

Upon setting foot on her I knew that I was back home on this racing machine.  We motored the boat all day down to Astoria and spent Wednesday doing some projects, attending skippers meeting, and doing the crew dinner at the Bistro.

Rage the machine

The start was at 10 am out at bouy 2 on Thursday morning.  We left early because of the dropping tides and hung out on the river a for a few hours.  Then put main up and proceeded over the bar.  The start was rough in a sizeable SW wind.  After the start we quickly went to a chute.  Through the day we managed to shred/shrimp a kite, and changed to several other kites as conditions changed.  During the 8-12 PM shift I found myself on the helm under A5 kite doing 25 knots in 30 knots of breeze.  We rounded flattery around 11 pm Thursday night and entered the straits.  During the next 17 hrs we found several holes and patches of breeze finally finishing on a flood around 3:10 PM.  We finished overlapped with our competitor the TP 52 Kinetic with finish difference of only 14 seconds after 193 miles.  Great time and looking forward to spending more time on Rage.

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Blakely Rock Race

Blakely Rock Benefit Race

Went up to Seattle and raced in the Blakely Rock Benefit Race on Grace a J-122.

It was a great day of racing with breeze most of the race.  Refreshing to sail with really good sailors, every one knew what to do.  In class 15 we scored a first.

Pretty much spent the whole weekend in Seattle and was able to pick up a deposit check for an upcoming delivery.


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Catamaran article in 48 North

48 north

Thanks to Joe Cline for letting me write up an article on Catamarans.

Pages 46 & 47 in the april issue of 48 north. 

48 North

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