coastguardcaptain-logo-master-new-100-x-100I am a USCG captain with sailing and towing endorsements.  My background extends across 40 years of junior sailing, college sailing, commercial fishing, sport fishing, dinghy racing, big boat racing, offshore racing, deliveries, and lessons.

All Deliveries, charters, and instruction done under my coast guard captains license will be documented to the website.  Summaries of these activities listed on this site will be posted to the website.

With my captains license I provide the following services in the marine industry:

1)  Deliveries – whether its in local waters or across oceans I have the ability to safely navigate, and delivery both power yachts and sailboats of varying sizes.  With my mechanical engineering background and over 40 years of marine experience makes a valuable person who can also diagnose and repair on board systems.

2) Lessons and Coaching – Not only will this license allow me to teach lessons on go-sail vessels with US sailing credentials.  Can also perform lessons and coaching services on both power boats and sailboats.

3) Charters – Whether its sailing “Ubuntu” up in the San Juans, here on the river, or sailing a catamaran in the Bahama’s.  All you do is tell me what would like to do, and experience, and I can put the whole trip together for you including air fare, hotel stays, chartering of vessels in any location, provisioning, and route planning.

4) Management & Other Services – When I am brought on your boat I have a keen eye for recognizing what upgrades should occur to your boat given your use of the boat.  Can manage projects and vendors for upgrades or maintenance of your boat.  As well I have started marine companies and non-profits, run sailing schools, and been the lead in putting together preparation for races.