Oregon Offshore on Rage

Astoria sunset

It started on Tuesday May 9th around 7 am when I boarded one of my favorite boats that I have now of. 

From 2009 to 2011 I did three offshores on Rage the Wylie 70 built by Steve Rander at Schooner Creek Boat Works.

Upon setting foot on her I knew that I was back home on this racing machine.  We motored the boat all day down to Astoria and spent Wednesday doing some projects, attending skippers meeting, and doing the crew dinner at the Bistro.

Rage the machine

The start was at 10 am out at bouy 2 on Thursday morning.  We left early because of the dropping tides and hung out on the river a for a few hours.  Then put main up and proceeded over the bar.  The start was rough in a sizeable SW wind.  After the start we quickly went to a chute.  Through the day we managed to shred/shrimp a kite, and changed to several other kites as conditions changed.  During the 8-12 PM shift I found myself on the helm under A5 kite doing 25 knots in 30 knots of breeze.  We rounded flattery around 11 pm Thursday night and entered the straits.  During the next 17 hrs we found several holes and patches of breeze finally finishing on a flood around 3:10 PM.  We finished overlapped with our competitor the TP 52 Kinetic with finish difference of only 14 seconds after 193 miles.  Great time and looking forward to spending more time on Rage.

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