Sea is my church

offshore racing

I tell many that the sea is my church.  Its one of the reasons I became a delivery skipper.

Scuttlebutt article

I remember during the catamaran delivery last summer the feeling of freedom and stress free times for days on end.  Rarely do I feel like this on land.


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Safety at Sea seminar

This weekend I participated in the US sailing Safety at Sea seminar.  Taught by the Sailing Foundation from Seattle here in Vancouver, WA.  This is the second time I have taken this course with the first time being in San Francisco in the spring of 2012.

It amazes me the amount of experience that was present this weekend.  Sailors from up and down the west coast being a mixture of cruisers and racers.  The instructors and moderators were excellent and the weekend flowed very well allowing questions and curriculum to happen on par.

Saturday was a classroom event that covered emergency devices and procedures, medical, sails, heavy weather, and many other topics.  Sunday was a hands on with fire, flares, pool with PFD’s and rafts, sail making, weather, medical, and life sling.

I felt humbled to be a part of this again, just like a did in San Francisco 5 years ago.  The sea is a double edge sword, we don’t belong there but at the same time she draws us in and we are in awe of her beauty and the experience she gives us.

Content from the Seminar

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Life of a delivery skipper

Sceptre 41

Here is a summary of my meeting with a potential delivery customer.  A sceptre 41 from Newport, OR to Anacortes, WA.  I took the risk for a personal inspection of the vessel driving 5 hrs to Newport and back knowing that I had not scored the delivery.  Earlier in the week I had emailed a quotation for the delivery fee and dvlpt of the float plan totaling $1700.  Upon hearing from a friend in Newport that the owner had surgery on his foot I decided to revise the quotation with the addition of provisions, fuel purchase, moorage, and transportation of captain and crew bringing the cost up to $2900.

Upon arrival in Newport’s Embarcadero marina ventured down to the boat.  First observations where that the lines are all green with algae, and the mast was flaking with paint.  Then a neighboring power boater came down to say hello.  The owner of the Sceptre was not there, so went back to this guys power boat and had a pepsi and discussed the Sceptre 41 and its current owner.  From the conversation we found out that the boat did not move but maybe once over the year, and that it was given to owner from a Doctor.

Then owner shows up and I proceed with my personal survey of the vessel.  Looking at keel bolts, through hulls, and the diesel motor.  I ask owner if he has taken the vessel out at all this year, he tells me that he took out on the ocean 6 times since he purchased it earlier in the year.  I was instantly turned off by his lying.  My concern was that there would be debris in the fuel tanks that could cause plugging the filters once getting in the ocean.  Further he told me that he didn’t wanted us using the oven and that we should use the microwave offshore.  This further showed me that he did not know anything about being on the ocean.

Needless to say I don’t feel to bad about walking away from this one.  I guess he hired a local captain to take it north.  Hope I don’t here about this boat on TV.  Not only that but this owner is in for a shock when the broker sees the condition of it.

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Boat Show and Delivery

Delivery route

Long weekend in Seattle.  Took the truck up and left right after work on Thursday.  Went straight to Shilshole marina where I measured up a bracket for a santa cruz 27, then went to Elliott bay and cooked up my mountain man breakfast in the dutch oven.  It was kind of cool that it was snowing off and on at the same time.  Then crashed on the sabre 40.  Next morning went to lake union and hung out in the Denison Yacht Sales area.  It was pretty rainy on Friday and the foot traffic was really light.  Later that afternoon went over to shilshole and looked at Schelleen’s San Juan 28.  We found that the starter was having issues.  Later that evening we watched the CYC Friday night presentation on clipper ship round the world adventure’s.

truck on hat island

Saturday was still raining, but surprisingly there was more foot traffic at lake union.  Lots of interest in the swift trawlers.  Later in the afternoon I took the time to go to century link and walk the show a little bit.

Around 2:30 PM took off to go meet the owner of the Grampian 2-34 that I delivered from Anacortes to Kenmore.  Met at the marina in Kenmore where we loaded up into a nice new F150 truck to take off for Anacortes.  Got to the boat, fired her up, loaded up, and then dropped off the rental car.  We left Anacortes about 7 PM and got to Hat Island marina about 1 am camping for the night.  The wind was howling and it was great to warm up and get some rest.

Grampian 2-34 in Kenmore

Next morning we got up and walked around the hat island marina area.  Quaint little community that touts itself as a resort with a golf club.

Left about 8 am and motored down the sound and through the Ballard canal onto lake Washington.

Got into the Kenmore marina about 4 PM and we were cold and tire.

The drive back was difficult as it was snowing in the dark from just south of Seattle to Woodland.

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Seattle Boat Show

Sabre 40 – lodging for the weekend

What a great first weekend up in Seattle.  Trained up from Vancouver, WA on Friday afternoon to the king street station.  Was able to walk over to Century Link and then catch the shuttle over to lake union.  As I arrived the brokers of Denison yacht sales greeted me and invited me to dinner with them at a local Mexican restaurant.

Carver 53

Got to spend Friday and Saturday evening on the Sabre 40 Osprey in Elliott bay that belongs to one of the Denison brokers.  A beautiful boat that is available for charter @lostislandcharters.

Saturday and Sunday spent the day showing the Carver 53 while also passing out lots of cards for my delivery business.  Denison was also showing three brand new Beneteau Swift Trawlers.  The 30, 34, and 44.  These boats are built in france and then shipped into Tacoma.

Beneteau 34 Swift Trawler

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