Principal Race Officer

I continue to develop my skills as a Principal Race Officer.  Not only can I organize and run an event in a professional and fair manner, but I am also very good at entering scoring and creating excellent looking results for print and online use using sailwave software, or regatta network.

Here is my US Sailing Club PRO certification:

Club level PRO

Club level PRO

As a PRO I have accumulated a list of things that I carry with me in a water proof back pack:

  • Laptop with sailwave
  • hand bearing compass
  • wind speed indicator
  • air horn w/ extra charges
  • whistle
  • score sheets
  • clipboards
  • plastic bags
  • pencils/pens/large black marker
  • digital voice recorder w/ ziploc back
  • hand held VHF radio with microphone
  • Racing Rules of Sailing w/ current amendments
  • NOR and Race Instructions from the event at hand
  • binoculars
  • zip ties
  • parachute cord
  • leatherman tool
  • ronstan clear timer
  • extra digital watch with big number readouts
  • white boards w/ markers

SOARS experience