To provide sailing opportunities to those interested in sailing and cruising.  

This non profit organization based out of Vancouver/Portland and has been started by me Raymond McCormack a long time experienced mariner here in the PNW.

As a previous ASA sailing instructor, current sailing school director at Vancouver Lake Sailing Club, and one who participates in many sailing events I have always been approached by new sailors about how to get into sailing.  This organization takes that one step beyond.  Approaches will be made to community organizations giving the opportunity for kids, adults, and challenged individuals to get out on the water.

There are five main parts to the go-sail organization that make it valuable

Sailing Opportunities – Giving individuals, groups, and organizations the opportunity to get it sailing on the Columbia River.  There are many positive attributes when being out on the water from excitement, to relaxation, and pleasure.  If even one out of 10 individuals likes being out on the water, and the art of sailing.  Then go-sail will take note of this and any individuals that want to continue to try and get out on the water.

Usage– Most boats here in the US only get used about 5% of the time.  Go-sail can do something about this.  By giving the other 4 categories of service listed here the utilization of the boats in go-sail.org should be well above the national average.  We are hoping that boat utilizations for the vessels in go-sail.org will surpass 25%.

Ownership– Any one can become an owner at go-sail.org.  What this means is you buy into the organization.  What you get is discounted lessons, opportunities to participate in “Charters & Organizational Opportunities”.  When checked off at the advanced level of the go-sail lesson plan, then owners will be able to check use of the boats based on availability of the schedules of these boats as shown in the Calendars on this website.  Usually this ownership model is based on a one time initiation fee, and then monthly dues lasting for one year.  After that year the contract can be renewed with out the initiation fee.

Organizational Opportunities – Charter, dinner cruises, and organizational opportunities will also be provided when arranged for.  Some of these opportunities may include participation in cruises to Astoria, or Hood River.  Maybe the boat heading down to the water front for the blues festival, or up to Cascade Locks, OR to be a committee boat for a large CGRA/CYC racing events.  This would also include being used for OWSA, charity, other yacht club events.

Lessons – The vessels in go-sail.org will also be used to perform sailing lessons out on the Columbia River.  This includes beginning all the way up to advancing and cruising type lessons.  Soon go-sail.org may be taking a boat up to the San Juans in which case cruising classes can be taught teaching about all the things that go on and can go wrong in a cruising life.

In support of the 5 initiatives above I also use the Go-sail organization to promote my PRO, Marine Consulting, and Deliveries and services under my USCG Captains License.  My hope that is the continued documenting of these activities onto this go-sail site will generate excitement among those who become interested in sailing and the marine environment.