Maltese Falcon in Santa Cruz during some destructive fires

My consulting service started in 2000 providing computer and IT services.  After being trained at HP in programming html, python, C, & C++ on Linux systems I found that I could provide services out side my normal job.

Also Expanded on my education at Clark Community College taking windows client & server courses, networking, and Security ++.  While at Clark I also took a couple of terms in solidworks to be training in 3D modeling.  Being a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering I have a broad background in manufacturing knowledge and CAD applications to design/develop products and solutions.

Here are the services I can provide under my consulting company.

  • Computer & IT services.  Very experienced in computers, services, applications, & Data.  This includes setting up websites, servers, new builds and repairs.
  • Programming services.  Experience with Windows, Linux, Mac, and embedded operating systems including ladder logic and other PLC programming.  Languages include: html, python, C, C++, visual basic, SQL, JAVA, and other various embedded languages.
  • Mechanical Engineering.  Have a broad background in design, mfg, validation, and production.  Very experienced 3D modeler with great capability in creating specific 2D drawings for manufacturing.
  • Construction, roofing, & landscaping.  I continue to provide services on the side based on my experiences in this area.
  • Sailing and Marine.  My 35 years of experience on the water can help me provide services in the marine industry.  From product development to deliveries, to lessons I can probably help you out in some way.

Many activities are wrapped into my consulting service, such as things I do on my home network and computers as well as some of my WVO and vehicle efforts, and things I do in the marine industry.

Send me a comment or message and I will get back to you.

If you would like to browse through some of the things I have done use the links below.

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Software Development

Since investing in a seat of solidworks I have become committed to train, learn, and participate in local events with other people that use solidworks.  Every month I try and go to the PASWUG event that shows types and tricks, networking with other solidworks users, and presentations from experts and solidworks employees.  Also the local VAR’s have webinars and events that I go to and so I document those here.