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Currently using my QNAP TS259 as just a file server and web server on my home network.

It all started when I started becoming uncomfortable with the stability of microsoft operating systems on computers that I build for my house.  So I started investigating on QNAP’s and found a TS209 for pretty cheap.

Started digitizing everything; music, photo’s, video, documents, software/operating systems with their keys.  One drive is always encrypted with everything that is valuable to me, then I do backups every third weekend to an external 2 TB esata drive, and copy that backup to a 1 TB esata drive.  The 2 TB drive has two backups that basically date back 6 weeks, where as the 1 TB drive has the most recent backup on it.  When I travel the 1 TB drive comes with me, just in case of fire or theft that could occur in my house.  Some one could steal all my hardware in my house, and it would just be hardware that they would have a very hard time accessing the content.

Being a heavy user of forums on the internet for everything I do I got really tired and concerned of posting content all over the internet.   Some times people would reply and I would have to cross post to other forums.  Not only this but I want all my content (posts, pictures, & video) to be on my own servers/computers.

So I setup wordpress on this home server, and this is what you see when you pull up  This server is currently hosting wordpress content for 6 domains using virtual technology.  It also is usually hosting a couple of wordpress installations that are in development (not really linked to a domain yet).  Of course there is much more that goes into setting it up and configuring it to suit ones needs or wishes.

The advantage of this kind of website is that it is very easy to add content to it.  Not only this but the categories, tags, and search functionality makes it easy to find things.  Also it runs on a SQL database so backing up all the content is easy.

Look what this website did in its first month of being online!!!!

If you like this site please and I can help you develop a solution that meets your needs.