Cradle and lifting plan for tug Ivanhoff

Ivanhoff autocad in solidworks

Ivanhoff autocad in solidworks

Using solidworks I was able to modify a frame we had laying in the yard to cradle the 90 ton Ivanohoff tug will we cut the stern off and put a new longer stern on it.

Using the planes in solidworks I was able to place the autocad view in appropriately to define the supports.

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Mermaid Class

Fish out of water

Fish out of water

Sydney go her fin and is taking mermaid class at the local pool.

She is thinking they should have a college degree set up for mermaid schools.

After her first lesson she decided it was a lot harder than it looked.

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Wrestling at local Elks Lodge

Wrestling match

Wrestling match

We drove down to Milwaukie for a local wrestling match an Elks lodge.  Several match’s occurred between big and small guys, and there was even mention of a woman’s “hard core” match coming up in February.

Charlie got to shake the hands of the wrestlers and was sure to fist bump as the walked by before their match.

Some times they even ended up out on the parka floor doing body slams right in front of us 🙂

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Mermaids in the Winter

fish out of water

fish out of water

While Charlie and I were out at the coast kicking off projects on a power boat, Sydney and mom went to the local pool for the beginning of a mermaid class.

Sydney took the time to sew up shirts with sea shells on them and create tu-tu skirts for her and her friends.

Being a mariner at heart its enchanting to now that I have a mermaid in the family.

Can’t wait to see them swimming in the pool 🙂

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