Back in 2001 some uninsured driver hit my toyota pickup.  I filed a claim with the state of Washington about this uninsured driver at that time.  In 2007 I got a call from the state of Washington saying that that uninsured drive was ready to pay me $2200 cash for that accident.

After getting the cash I investigated what I should invest it in, an enduro bike came to mind as a great way to experience being up on the mountain, at the beach, and as a around town mode of transportation.

Charlie on the 97 XR600R dual sport Honda

I purchased a 1997 XR600R with a dual sport kit already installed licensed in the state of Oregon.  Was able to transfer the license and title into the state of Washington, which is very hard to do now a days because the state of Washington doesn’t like licensing dirt bikes with dual sport kits for safety reasons.

This motorcycle gets used as a daily driver to work (5 miles round trip), and also for trail riding when going to the mountain or out on the beach.  Modifications I have made to this motorcycle include the following:

  1. High output stator with a second light for dusk trail riding.
  2. A mount on the handle bars to mount my Garmin 65 CS GPS.
  3. 4.7 gallon fuel tank, with close to a 150 mile range.